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SO SO excited that we are going to be producing Scott Mullen’s first long one-act, Piñata, at Hollywood Fringe! Directed by Stan Zimmerman, and featuring Starina Johnson, Tracey Rooney, and Patty Jean Robinson along with me. #goodmomorbadmom

Family Secrets

We sold out nearly every seat and had to add a performance. Quality problems! This has been a really fun experience.

Bizarre Love Triangle, 3.0

So our improv team morphed into sketch writing and once more morphed into writing a web series. I mean a full-on, story-driven, 10 episode … series. It’s really focused us, and this is going to be a really exciting time!

NEO’s “Family Secrets”

Hey! I’ve been cast in NEO Ensemble’s workshop production of “Family Secrets” – a collection of scenes and monologues revolving around that theme. I get to be in scenes written by Laura Huntt Foti, Scott Mullen, and Rom Watson. And I get to play with Spencer Kramber, Charles Howerton, Rachel Winfree, and Brooke Culbertson!

Amazing class

Just took a master class with Mary Lou Belli this past weekend – two days, a zillion comedy scenes, filmed 3-camera and lighting fast. Fast, funny, furious. SUCH a great experience.

Content creation!

Had a great meeting last night with several actors and writers from NEO Ensemble, with ideas about creating web content. Lots of great ideas floating around!

Neo’s Monologue Festival

Finally made it to my first monologue night of the season – and was a winner, which means I’ll be in Best of the Best in June! I did a piece written by the fabulous Scott Mullen (and hopefully I’ll be able to reveal more projects with Scott soon, because he is awesome!)

Scene Night video

Remember that scene we did in December? Now you too can see it!

Happy New Year

Ready for 2017. I know a lot of us are!


Look at this!! We made made a “best of the year” list!!!