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Look at this!! We made made a “best of the year” list!!!


I love auditions where I make the writers laugh. 

When it rains …

So let me tell you about my last week.

On Sunday, I had a final rehearsal for AIRPORT ENOUNTERS prior to starting tech.
On Monday, I had a rehearsal for Stan’s showcase.
On Tuesday, I had a sitcom audition, followed immediately by tech for the play.
On Wednesday, I had a feature film audition, followed immediately by tech.
On Thursday, I had a callback for the feature, followed immediately by dress rehearsal for the showcase, followed immediately by the showcase. (yeah, my friend Tracey Rooney covered for me and did final dress of the play for me!)
On Friday, I opened the play.

I’m for all this activity, but would be good with spreading it out just a hair … 

We open in a week!

Don’t miss it!

“A Street Corner Named Desire”

Just opened this play this past weekend with my theatre company, Neo Ensemble. One of the rare chances you’ll have to see me play a rocker chick! 🙂

street corner flyer

“A Drop of Kindness” reading

Got a chance to work on a fully staged reading of David Hilder’s “A Drop of Kindness” at the Blank Theatre’s Living Room Series. Besides the fact that it was a great excuse to see David again, it also was so much fun to really get into a more serious, chewy role. Directed by Richard Tatum, I also got to play with the most excellent Kate Bowman, Jim Hanna and Michael Hyland.

Reading for Neo Ensemble

Doing a reading of “Delicate Blossoms” for Neo’s monthly reading series. A really fun adaptation of the Persephone myth.

Reading in “Planting the Seed” festival

I’ll be doing a reading of two short plays directed by Sara Israel: HAPPY RETURNS by Jessica Abrams and REBECCA ON THE BUS by Jennie Webb. Sharing the stage with June Carryl and Reena Dutt. It’s next Sunday the 18th at noon, and it’s free! And if you can’t be there? It will be livestreamed at

Planting the Seed


Monologue Festival

Did Neo’s monologue festival last night … so much fun! Did a piece written by the fabulous Amy Heidish called “Gabriel, Don’t Screw This Up”.  Since it was my first time performing it, my subtext was more like “Tracy, don’t screw this up!” 🙂

Improv show

Had our Second City performance earlier today. I know I should have posted in advance! But I’m pleased to report it felt like a really solid show.