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Bizarre Love Triangle, 3.0

So our improv team morphed into sketch writing and once more morphed into writing a web series. I mean a full-on, story-driven, 10 episode … series. It’s really focused us, and this is going to be a really exciting time!

Content creation!

Had a great meeting last night with several actors and writers from NEO Ensemble, with ideas about creating web content. Lots of great ideas floating around!

When it rains …

So let me tell you about my last week.

On Sunday, I had a final rehearsal for AIRPORT ENOUNTERS prior to starting tech.
On Monday, I had a rehearsal for Stan’s showcase.
On Tuesday, I had a sitcom audition, followed immediately by tech for the play.
On Wednesday, I had a feature film audition, followed immediately by tech.
On Thursday, I had a callback for the feature, followed immediately by dress rehearsal for the showcase, followed immediately by the showcase. (yeah, my friend Tracey Rooney covered for me and did final dress of the play for me!)
On Friday, I opened the play.

I’m for all this activity, but would be good with spreading it out just a hair … 

Laughlin International Film Festival

One more for BECKY & KATE!

Web Series Festival Global

More BECKY & KATE success! We didn’t get laurels for this one, for some reason.

Miami Web Fest

BECKY & KATE scores again!


Also with Bizarre Love Triangle, we’re shooting a short called “The Troop” about some gangster-style girl scouts. 🙂

Stuff N Stuff

My improv/sketch team Bizarre Love Triangle is shooting a fun little sketch tomorrow called “Stuff N Stuff”! Should be fun.


BECKY & KATE was accepted to the Online Film Festival!

Miami Independent Film Festival

BECKY & KATE is an official selection!