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Scene Night

It’s that time again! Having so much fun working on this one. Tomorrow night at the Odyssey!


I love auditions where I make the writers laugh. 

When it rains …

So let me tell you about my last week.

On Sunday, I had a final rehearsal for AIRPORT ENOUNTERS prior to starting tech.
On Monday, I had a rehearsal for Stan’s showcase.
On Tuesday, I had a sitcom audition, followed immediately by tech for the play.
On Wednesday, I had a feature film audition, followed immediately by tech.
On Thursday, I had a callback for the feature, followed immediately by dress rehearsal for the showcase, followed immediately by the showcase. (yeah, my friend Tracey Rooney covered for me and did final dress of the play for me!)
On Friday, I opened the play.

I’m for all this activity, but would be good with spreading it out just a hair … 

Stan Zimmerman’s comedy showcase

I’ll be doing this showcase at the end of the month with my acting class. Should be a lot of fun!


Always super happy to audition. And even happier to make the CD laugh. That said, looking around the room at a role that clearly didn’t know what type they wanted (gender, age, ethnicity) – so super cool I made it in the room. But when the actually want my type, I can’t seem to get in the door … I will never understand this business. 

New commercial agent!

This is the fanciest agency I’ve ever been with! I’m very happy to say I’m now with Mazlea Talent Agency for commercials. Thanks to my fantastic manager, Mark Blake, for getting me there. 🙂

2 audition day!

Guess 2015 is going out with a bang: it’s a two audition day. More in 2016, I hope!

Under new management

SO happy to announce I’m now working with Mark Blake of Mark Blake Management!

Back to work!

Back from out of town … stating with an audition tomorrow. A nice “welcome home”!

More good news!

The Jana Luker Agency offered me the opportunity to join them across the board (I had just been there commercially) which of course I jumped at. Talk about “go team”! Very excited about 2015.