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Amazing class

Just took a master class with Mary Lou Belli this past weekend – two days, a zillion comedy scenes, filmed 3-camera and lighting fast. Fast, funny, furious. SUCH a great experience.

Back at Second City

Back in the long form program. If I’d waited any longer, I’d have had to repeat LF1! 🙂 It’s great to be back. UCB is fun, but SC is home.

Starting UCB

Well, after having to take a term off at Second City – turns out they’re not offering the course I need this next term. I feel weird not being in class, so I’m going to side-step over to UCB this term. Improv 101 starting today!

Last performance for a bit

End-of-class LongForm 1 performance. Gonna miss this bunch! Have to take a little time off, again.

Second City graduate

Last night I hit a major milestone: I graduated from the Second City conservatory. (And I got the t-shirt to prove it). 🙂

I am incredibly proud of having made it all the way through. When I started in January of 2013, when I looked around the room of Improv 1 students, and tried to figure out who in the room would go all the way through the program … I had pegged so many of them. I was not in that list. I didn’t expect to continue to Improv 2.

Yet strangely, most of those people I figured would make it all the way through didn’t even last the seven weeks of Improv 1. And though I was dragged kicking and screaming into it … I just kept going. Until I graduated.

Selfie Defense opened!

Even with my years of theatre experience, I have never experienced anything like the creation of a sketch show.  Where you don’t really have the lineup finalized til tech (the day before). Where a week or two ago you weren’t even sure you had a show. And yet … here it is. With an amazing cast (I’ve heard Con5 horror stories, and I’m quite sure I won the lottery with these guys) and a director who always knew we had a show, somewhere in the rubble.

Note: There’s also a musical number. You really shouldn’t miss it. Mondays @ 9 through December 15.

Final “Selfie Defense” preview

I’m not gonna lie, it was rough! But I figure if we follow the adage about a bad dress rehearsal …. Also notable: today was the last day of class. I’ve been coming to classes here since January ’13! Seems so crazy that I’ll be graduating this December. 🙂

“Selfie Defense” preview

Oh yeah, we’re not just a 5B show any more, we’re named … “Selfie Defense”. It was the second of three hour-long shows … inching our way towards our opening. I know sketches I like won’t make it in; it’s the nature of the beast. I also feel like it went by so fast, there just wasn’t enough time! Ack!

Second 5B show

Our first hour-long show (gulp!) Our director is away at a gig out of the country, so our sub – who’s been great – assures us that this sense of “we can’t possibly be ready” is, in fact, normal.

First 5B show

Home from vacation, and almost immediately have our first show! Still feels like we’re a lifetime away from a finished show.