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Family Secrets

We sold out nearly every seat and had to add a performance. Quality problems! This has been a really fun experience.

NEO’s “Family Secrets”

Hey! I’ve been cast in NEO Ensemble’s workshop production of “Family Secrets” – a collection of scenes and monologues revolving around that theme. I get to be in scenes written by Laura Huntt Foti, Scott Mullen, and Rom Watson. And I get to play with Spencer Kramber, Charles Howerton, Rachel Winfree, and Brooke Culbertson!

Scene Night video

Remember that scene we did in December? Now you too can see it!

Scene Night

It’s that time again! Having so much fun working on this one. Tomorrow night at the Odyssey!

Second City Diversity Festival

Bizarre Love Triangle will be performing tomorrow at the first ever SC Diversity Festival! Very excited!

Stan Zimmerman’s comedy showcase

I’ll be doing this showcase at the end of the month with my acting class. Should be a lot of fun!


I’m very excited to to announce that I’ll be doing Neo Ensemble’s collection of short plays called AIRPORT ENCOUNTERS, specifically doing Starina Johnson’s BORDER TOWNS. 

Closing Complete Works

I’m gonna miss this one, for sure …

Best of the Best

So excited that I made it to Neo Ensemble’s “Best of the Best” Monologue night! Tomorrow night at the Odyssey!


Very excited to announce that Absolute Theatre will be doing THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (ABRIDGED) at the Hollywood Fringe Festival! Featuring Anna Quirino Miranda, Patty Jean Robinson and me, directed by Hallie Cooper. Girls rock!