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Had some auditions this week (finally). Today I was pleased that I made everybody in the room laugh – that’s always my benchmark. That’s a total win for me. I made people laugh? I did my job.

But today, in particular, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was only able to pull it off, to sell the funny, because of the Second City training.

Video clip

Check out this lovely little scene written by Amy Heidish, directed by Richard Tatum, featuring Patty Jean Robinson and myself!

Second City Con 2

Started the second term of Conservatory today! I have to say, I really do love the fact that in a class of 11, I’ve been with 2 of them for two months, 7 of them for four months, and 1 for eight months! (Two new folks to our little merry band this term.) I love just being able to jump right into the work and not have to worry about getting to know classmates.

I think I’m going to like this class. Not that I didn’t like Con 1, but it really is such a shift after Improv 3 that it made my head spin a little. I feel a little more grounded now.

New class

In addition to Second City, I’m now studying (again) with Stan Zimmerman, this time on an ongoing basis. When I first decided I was going to get serious about my career, Stan’s class was the first one I went to – and I got so much out of it (in only three classes). I always said I’d like to study with him again, and now I have the opportunity! He really taught me some fantastic common-sense approaches that I still use. I’m really excited about it.

Improv show

Had our Second City performance earlier today. I know I should have posted in advance! But I’m pleased to report it felt like a really solid show.

Neo Ensemble Theatre

I’m thrilled to report that yesterday’s audition for Neo was successful, and I’ll be joining the company! I’ve been hoping to find a new theatre home.

Two auditions

One tomorrow, one Saturday – all theatre, both requiring monologues. Whee!