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Big Second City news

Class ended on Friday, we had our final show on Sunday, and that night I auditioned for the final level, Con 5.  I’m very happy to say that I got accepted, and will spend the next four months in an ensemble of eight creating an original hour-long sketch show. And then we’ll run the show the following two months. More as it develops!

“Paper Tiger” shoot

It was a pretty painless shoot, at the Warner Grand in San Pedro. Except for having to drive to San Pedro in rush hour, of course. 🙂 But everybody was great to work with and I look forward to the final product.

More Film Festival News

The news continues! This time, it’s “Health and Disorder” (written by David Harper, directed by Richard Tatum), accepted to the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood (Award of Merit). The screening is on the 25th at the Whitefire Theatre!

Film Festival news

So it seems our short film, “The Other Side of the Desk” (written by Amy Heidish, directed by Richard Tatum) has made it to its first festival, the Village of Brewster Film Festival! It’ll be Labor Day weekend in Brewster, NY (just outside of NYC). Richard and I are going to go – we can’t wait!

1st Con 4 show

My first Second City show that involves re-improvised scenes (aka, sketches in early development). Tomorrow, 5pm!

Got cast!

So I’ll be doing a USC thesis film called “Paper Tiger” in a few weeks. The director said my face could “really tell a story”. 🙂

Auditions, auditions

Of course – nothing for a while, and then two back to back on the same day.  A lot of running around the city tomorrow!