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VOB Film Festival

Since we were heading to the east coast anyway, we decided that it would be a great opportunity to go with OTHER SIDE OF THE DESK to the VOB Film Festival in Brewster, New York. It was so lovely to wear a badge that said “filmmaker”, to see our little film on a big screen, to spend the time with like-minded creative folks.

Last 5A show

And 5A heads to a close. I can’t believe we’re halfway finished this process. This really falls under “things I never thought I’d do” AND “things I didn’t think I was able to do”.

After the second 5A show

I have to say, I’ve come SO far from that first Improv 3 show, when I was so terrified. Now it’s more like, “Oh, we have no idea what’s happening at our show in 30 minutes? Whatever.” The difference, of course, being that we’re now doing re-improvised sketch, so the fact that we have no idea more than 15 minutes ahead what the heck we’re doing ought to be terrifying … but isn’t. Crazy. Awesome. LOVE.