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Day 1 of B&K Shoot

We really are doing this! Great location, a beautiful day. Things moved a little slower than I’d have liked, but that’s the business. No pressure like needing a shot we could only do one take of (me falling into a pool). And, because of extenuating circumstances, no opportunity to rehearse it. And I did it! (I hope the shot turns out well). And it was so hot … it felt utterly fantastic. 🙂

“A Drop of Kindness” reading

Got a chance to work on a fully staged reading of David Hilder’s “A Drop of Kindness” at the Blank Theatre’s Living Room Series. Besides the fact that it was a great excuse to see David again, it also was so much fun to really get into a more serious, chewy role. Directed by Richard Tatum, I also got to play with the most excellent Kate Bowman, Jim Hanna and Michael Hyland.

Second 5B show

Our first hour-long show (gulp!) Our director is away at a gig out of the country, so our sub – who’s been great – assures us that this sense of “we can’t possibly be ready” is, in fact, normal.

Production Meeting #2

We’re getting closer! This time was a readthrough with the directors, and making notes on costumes/props. 6 days of shooting. 6 1-minute episodes.

Production Meeting #1

It’s finally coming together! A web series called “Becky and Kate: One Minute at a Time”, in which I will be Kate. Written by Amy Heidish, directed by Kelly Ann Ford, Amy Heidish and Richard Tatum, and Patty Jean Robinson as my partner in crime Becky. Did a rough draft of a schedule and shooting locations. Never tackled anything this big!

First 5B show

Home from vacation, and almost immediately have our first show! Still feels like we’re a lifetime away from a finished show.