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Selfie Defense opened!

Even with my years of theatre experience, I have never experienced anything like the creation of a sketch show.  Where you don’t really have the lineup finalized til tech (the day before). Where a week or two ago you weren’t even sure you had a show. And yet … here it is. With an amazing cast (I’ve heard Con5 horror stories, and I’m quite sure I won the lottery with these guys) and a director who always knew we had a show, somewhere in the rubble.

Note: There’s also a musical number. You really shouldn’t miss it. Mondays @ 9 through December 15.

Final “Selfie Defense” preview

I’m not gonna lie, it was rough! But I figure if we follow the adage about a bad dress rehearsal …. Also notable: today was the last day of class. I’ve been coming to classes here since January ’13! Seems so crazy that I’ll be graduating this December. 🙂

B&K shoot day 5

Last day before we pause for a month (long story). Shot during ArtWalk downtown last night. What an adventure! In so many things. Including finding an amazing taco place to feed cast & crew.

Day 4 of B&K Shoot

This was huge: shooting in an actual art gallery (half time time while they were open for business); having two guest actors (the enormously talented Jeremy Denzlinger and Teisa Sekona who I studies with at Second City) and a bunch of background actors to fill the room … I’m really excited about how it’s going to end up looking!

“Selfie Defense” preview

Oh yeah, we’re not just a 5B show any more, we’re named … “Selfie Defense”. It was the second of three hour-long shows … inching our way towards our opening. I know sketches I like won’t make it in; it’s the nature of the beast. I also feel like it went by so fast, there just wasn’t enough time! Ack!

Day 3 of B&K Shoot

Outdoors, Griffith Park, on a day that was going to hit mid-90s (at least). By the time we wrapped just before noon, we were all pretty well melting onto the hiking path. But all things being equal, we didn’t get sunburned and I think the footage will look spectacular!

Day 2 of B&K Shoot

Night shoot. About half a page. Didn’t have to fall into a pool, but did have a fair amount of running around to do. Always with the exercise! Wrapped before midnight. And we prominently featured a giant bunny statue, which was beyond awesome.