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Second City graduate

Last night I hit a major milestone: I graduated from the Second City conservatory. (And I got the t-shirt to prove it). 🙂

I am incredibly proud of having made it all the way through. When I started in January of 2013, when I looked around the room of Improv 1 students, and tried to figure out who in the room would go all the way through the program … I had pegged so many of them. I was not in that list. I didn’t expect to continue to Improv 2.

Yet strangely, most of those people I figured would make it all the way through didn’t even last the seven weeks of Improv 1. And though I was dragged kicking and screaming into it … I just kept going. Until I graduated.

debut at iOWest

So, the amazing Allishia Knotts saw that there was going to be a “Funny Women Festival” at iOWest, so she gathered the girls from Selfie Defense together to see what material we could put together in a week. Yes, a week. So, sketch team Cheers was born, and working in limited time and space with two directors (and sometimes on our own), we somehow made it. We didn’t win the cage match, but creating a new team with new material and some of us making our debut at that space was totally worth it!

Looking forward to what we can accomplish with actual time. 🙂