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More on MAY 39th!

“…it was such welcome treat to see two people simply talking to one another in an intimate space, trying desperately to connect. And that is done so well on top of that…outstanding. Well acted, well directed and just plain beautiful.”

I will miss this play. I hope this isn’t the final chapter for us.

Approv-O (or, The New Rules)

Had SO MUCH FUN shooting this short written by (and starring) Bruce Nachsin, directed by the one and only Ron West. I didn’t even mind that we went til nearly 3am.  Because it was that awesome.

The LAist reviews MAY 39th

Highlight: “Projecting both strength and vulnerability, a defensive reserve and an eagerness for connection, Eliott’s wonderfully brave performance as Louisa is a 40-minute tour de force.” 🙂



More MAY 39th news

“This show is such a fantastic mix of funny and heart wrenching. The acting is fantastic and the direction is flawless. Loved this show, one of my top picks this year!”

Don’t miss it! Only three shows left!

MAY 39th is open!

Callie Kimball’s MAY 39th, directed by Richard Tatum, starring Michael Hyland and me, is open at Hollywood Fringe! Here are a few of the first comments …

“See. This. Show. It will make your stomach hurt. A vision of the future, of horror, heartache, and loneliness that you won’t shake easily. Funny, smart, and terrifying. Great performances and beautifully directed.”

“Not to be missed. An engaging look at one possible future, crafted in a way that makes you laugh, cry, and hold your breath. Great acting and direction, crisp writing, a fantastic show all around.”

“May 39th presents an intriguing portent into the future of dating and human relationships … The acting and direction deliver though, as the chemistry between Tracy Eliott and Michael Hyland is electric throughout the story’s many twists and turns as they explore their newly-ignited passion … you’d have to be a stone-cold robot to not have your heart wrenched by the ending.”

“This is science fiction done right – using the genre to explore ourselves and the world around us. What obstacles do we put in our own way? What are put in our way by society? This story explores that in a very thoughtful way. The actors, though, are really what makes this more than a treatise on dating. I was pulled into the story by the amazing performances that made me care for the couple, feel for them and sometimes be disturbed by them.”

Cheers! is back

Brice got the girls back together last night for a little sketch set for the Laugh Riot Grrrrl LA Fest. Did a couple of our old blackouts, plus “Robert Miller”, and even created a new version of “Literal Date” (which hasn’t been about a date since, I don’t know, August of 2014?) 🙂