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Becky & Kate Episode 6

Did you have a good Thanksgiving yesterday? Me, I’m incredibly grateful for this series. Enjoy the finale!

It’s a two show day!

Yup! That’s right: Improv show with Second City @ 5pm; late night with Bizarre Love Triangle at 10pm at the Clubhouse. Tomorrow, sleep.

Becky & Kate Episode 4

Tequila. Enough said.


Becky & Kate Episode 3

ArtWalk in DTLA! (We had so much fun shooting that part). And shout out to Jeremy Denzlinger and Teisa Sekona, two of the nicest humans to play big jerks on film. 🙂


Becky & Kate Episode 2

What’s that? Caviar Cuban Fusion? Why not, it is LA … 


Becky & Kate Episode 1

Without further ado …

“Becky & Kate” is almost here!

We had the screening last night for cast & crew. I can’t wait for it to be released out into the world! Everybody seems really excited about it.