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2 audition day!

Guess 2015 is going out with a bang: it’s a two audition day. More in 2016, I hope!


BECKY & KATE was accepted to the Los Angeles Urban Film Festival!

We Be Geeks

It’s not bad grammar, it’s a podcast, and Patty Jean Robinson and I got to guest in order to promote Becky & Kate. We had a blast. For real. These guys are so much fun!!!


Neo Scene Night

So much fun working with Tracey Rooney (“The Trac(e)ys” or “Trac(e)y squared”) on this!

Becky & Kate at the Funny Women Festival

We had so much fun yesterday getting to see our pilot episode screen at the Funny Women Festival at IOWest! That moment you hear the laughs and realize that yes, it IS funny! 🙂