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A handful of reviews:

MAY 39th, Absolute Theatre

“Projecting both strength and vulnerability, a defensive reserve and an eagerness for connection, Eliott’s wonderfully brave performance as Louisa is a 40-minute tour de force.” – LAist

THE INSIDIOUS IMPACT OF ANTON, Absolute Theatre/Full Circle

“[Eliott]’s gutsy performance …” – Philip Brandes, LA Times
“The role of Francesca proves a terrific showcase for Eliott, who like Katharine Hepburn before her combines a gift for the acerbic with snappy comic timing and off-center romantic appeal.” – Steven Stanley, LA Stage Scene
“Tracy Eliott’s performance is witty, charming and down right [sic] fun”. – LA Splash

HAZARD COUNTY, Ark Theatre Company

“As Ruth, [Eliott] gives a strong, nuanced performance.”-  Mayank Keshaviah, LA Weekly, Recommended


“Tracy [Eliott] proves to be the most flexible of a trio of actresses who play 10 small roles – one moment she’s a squirrely youth with relationship problems, the next a man-hungry Jewish American Princess.” – Dominic Papatola, Times-Picayune

“… impressive was Tracy [Eliott] who plays four different roles with total definitions, giving each special characterizations.” – Jay Stanley, ERN

TALKING WITH, Theatre Marigny

“Tracy … managed the difficult task of creating believable characters while doubling parts. [Eliott] brought an understated authenticity to the bereft marble women [sic] …” – Dalt Wonk, Gambit

THE HOLLOW, Bayou Dinner Theatre

“Tracy [Eliott] shines especially … with unerring clarity of diction as part of her engaging portrayal.” – Joe LaRose, Clarion Herald