Neo’s Monologue Festival

Finally made it to my first monologue night of the season – and was a winner, which means I’ll be in Best of the Best in June! I did a piece written by the fabulous Scott Mullen (and hopefully I’ll be able to reveal more projects with Scott soon, because he is awesome!)

Scene Night video

Remember that scene we did in December? Now you too can see it!

Happy New Year

Ready for 2017. I know a lot of us are!


Look at this!! We made made a “best of the year” list!!!

Scene Night

It’s that time again! Having so much fun working on this one. Tomorrow night at the Odyssey!


I love auditions where I make the writers laugh. 

Second City Diversity Festival

Bizarre Love Triangle will be performing tomorrow at the first ever SC Diversity Festival! Very excited!

Nice review

Check out this review of AIRPORT ENCOUNTERS!

When it rains …

So let me tell you about my last week.

On Sunday, I had a final rehearsal for AIRPORT ENOUNTERS prior to starting tech.
On Monday, I had a rehearsal for Stan’s showcase.
On Tuesday, I had a sitcom audition, followed immediately by tech for the play.
On Wednesday, I had a feature film audition, followed immediately by tech.
On Thursday, I had a callback for the feature, followed immediately by dress rehearsal for the showcase, followed immediately by the showcase. (yeah, my friend Tracey Rooney covered for me and did final dress of the play for me!)
On Friday, I opened the play.

I’m for all this activity, but would be good with spreading it out just a hair … 

We open in a week!

Don’t miss it!