Laughlin International Film Festival

One more for BECKY & KATE!

Stan Zimmerman’s comedy showcase

I’ll be doing this showcase at the end of the month with my acting class. Should be a lot of fun!


I’m very excited to to announce that I’ll be doing Neo Ensemble’s collection of short plays called AIRPORT ENCOUNTERS, specifically doing Starina Johnson’s BORDER TOWNS. 

Web Series Festival Global

More BECKY & KATE success! We didn’t get laurels for this one, for some reason.

Miami Web Fest

BECKY & KATE scores again!

Closing Complete Works

I’m gonna miss this one, for sure …

Best of the Best

So excited that I made it to Neo Ensemble’s “Best of the Best” Monologue night! Tomorrow night at the Odyssey!


We opened “Complete Works” yesterday – what a great experience! I love this show … you have four more chances to see the show – don’t miss it!


Always super happy to audition. And even happier to make the CD laugh. That said, looking around the room at a role that clearly didn’t know what type they wanted (gender, age, ethnicity) – so super cool I made it in the room. But when the actually want my type, I can’t seem to get in the door … I will never understand this business. 


Also with Bizarre Love Triangle, we’re shooting a short called “The Troop” about some gangster-style girl scouts. 🙂